24 Sep 2009 @ 11:53 AM 

I can’t help but be excited about Google Sidewiki. It allows users (with google accounts) to leave comments on any website. So now, rather than signing up for forums and chats to comment or searching through dozens of pages to read customer feedback, you can simply click a button in your browser and see what people are saying.

I could be wrong. I could be overly excited. But I can’t help feeling that this is HUGE. The whole of the web now becomes a social network. Every page can have an unbiases forum tacked on that’s viewable by anyone.

Here are a couple of useful links to see what other folks are saying about Sidewiki:

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  1. cmduke says:

    My reaction was mixed. It could become a more widely adopted practice with the Google tool, but it’s nothing new really. Diigo’s offered that feature plus some for two years plus? and that only extends to my familiarity with Diigo; it may be longer than that.


  2. Well as mentioned this is certainly not new, but I’m certain that the installed user base of Google is many, many times larger than previous attempts, giving it a much likelier chance at making a difference. Now imagine taking all the tweets (or other open social network chatter) about a certain site and having them dynamically associated with the sidewiki…. powerful. Essentially what I think will happen is people will lose (even more) control over their presence online, really forcing people to change the way we view things online, and what we’re willing to put online. While I think it will encourage a lot of good changes, it could also be very distopian (sp?) as well.

  3. […] over at Ubernoggin, I see that the Googlemonster is allowing folks to annotate websites. There’s potential […]

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