09 May 2007 @ 8:37 AM 

IBM to start their own virtual world
IBM has begun the development of their own private metaverse using the Multiverse platform.

9 Attitudes of Creative People
I think my favorite is “constructive discontent.”

A New visual bookmark organizer that looks like your desktop
When you can share your desktop with other people this will be a very handy app.

Measurements to Guide Social Media Strategies
This is full of what I’d consider common sense but it’s useful to remember that part of a campaign should be watching and measuring its viral effects.

Scoble: The war between Facebook and LinkedIn. Understanding the differences between purposes behind social media
Scoble sort of glosses over this but there’s useful info here which should stop and make us think about the motivations people have in joining and staying with a social network.

Social Media Strategies for Corporations
I like Jerimiah’s break down of approaches to web marketing.

Yahoo Pipes adds GeoDate Support
Yahoo! Pipes is just darn handy to begin with but adding this kind of global bookmarking makes it even more handy. Be sure to check out the example pipes at the bottom of the article to see what this is really capable of.

Fatdoor: Know who’s in your neighborhood — still in beta

: a social network for people who travel —- still in beta

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